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ICO Campaigns

ICO Campaigns

With Complete Control Over Investment.

Crypto Lending System

Crypto Lending System

Revolutionary evolution in the blockchain ecosystem

eCommerce - Cashback & Discount coin

eCommerce | Cashback & Discount coin

ecommerce brands use Xerium as loyality coin

Game Development


State of the Art Game Development

Crypto Exchange

Exchange ( Exchange Xerium to BTC ) with our partnered exchanges

Healthcare - Data Management


Data Management System


November, 2020

  • Whitepaper
  • Interface demo

December, 2020

  • Website deploy wallet
  • Deploy Xerium in ethereum blockchain

January, 2021

  • ICO Phase 1
  • 15 million Xerium at 1$

February, 2021

  • ICO Phase 2
  • 15 million Xerium at 1$

March, 2021

  • ICO Phase 3
  • 20 million Xerium at 1$

April, 2021

  • Listing on exchange

Our ICO Distribution

Fund Allocation

  • Product Development


  • Research


  • Regulatory


  • Operation


Ico Token  & Fund Allocation
  • Legal


  • Marketing


Token Allocation


  • ICO Pre-Sale


  • CXD to Xerium conversion


  • Admin Reserve


  • Projects & Applications



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Below we?ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

ICO Questions

ICO funding is a method of raising funds via an initial coin offering, which is basically a digital crowd fund that, instead of FIAT, collects Bitcoin or Ethereum.
According to the official ICO definition, ICO stands for an initial coin offering. This way of fundraising functions like an Initial Public Offering (IPO), where companies sell stock to raise funds. Only in the case of ICOs, the company sells digital tokens that gain real value once the project is launched.
ICO marketing is a service provided primarily by digital marketing agencies that has the goal of developing a strategy for promoting an ICO-based project and fundraising.
Cryptocurrency is the superset, while alt coins and crypto tokens are its two subset categories. In the case of Bitcoin, the world's first and most popular crypto, this is Bitcoin token.
An ICO token is what you receive when you invest in an ICO - a cryptocurrency that has no current value, but will be worth something within the project's system once it's launched ? if the ICO turns out to be successful.
An ICO crypto is the currency that's projected to have value once the project exits its pre-launch phase. Until that moment comes, ICO crypto exists in the form of a token.
An ICO investment is what startups use to bypass the rigorous and strictly-regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.
Ethereum, which is actually the most successful ICO project to date, is arguably the world's most advanced ICO cryptocurrency. Its network is an open-source, public, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality that?s the framework of a lot of amazing apps.

General Questions

It is an ERC 20 Token smart contract coin on Ethereum blockchain, purpose is to act as loyalty coin when ecommerce merchants
Yes ,Xerium will act as utility coin.
150 million coins
1$ USD
no it cannot be mined after 150 million supply.
Perfect example and inspiration will be BNB coin of binance, it was launched as utility coin for binance exchange to pay its fee and get discount on their transactional fee, now the coin value from 1$ is trading around 20$ it has 15x its value.Similar Xerium will act as discount value coin for many business and services as we are collaborating with multiple brands and e-commerce businesses.
As more users use Xerium coin as they get discounts on goods and service they purchase on our network of businesses. They value of demand for Xerium will increase. As cryptxmine has it own user base more users and more awareness about the coin with PR and social marketing and demand will drive it value up gradually. There are many coins in market with absolute zero intrinsic value but they are trading at 10$ -100$ purely on speculation of demand and well marketing around it.

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